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We did the hard work and put this awesome program together so you can easily share the contract wealth and build your wealth, at the same time.

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It’s a plug and play system. We get you set up with a link and all you have to do is share it. We’ll handle everything else and pay you commissions when someone buys a template using your affiliate link, so be sure to share it with your audience and business besties!

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Passive residual income is the best. Put the link in your link tree and forget about it, until you get paid!

If you don’t see a template that your audience often needs, send us a message. We are always adding templates to serve various industries.

If you have a signature program...let's work together 

Some of my most successful affiliates are business owners with signature programs. We sat down and came up with a template or template bundle that would fit their program like a second skin. Every person who goes through their program can benefit from a template package that is tailor made for their business needs, and that package comes with a discount and a higher commission for the affiliate!

Let’s talk about how we can serve your premium audience and increase your profits, at the same time!